Starting my journey in Growth Marketing (Review)

Differences between Growth and Traditional Marketing & Building a Growth Process

Starting with my initial impressions from what I learned with what the differences are between traditional marketing and growth. The instructor, John McBribe, goes over some of the basic ideas that define growth marketing — the one at the center being experimentation. Going into the course, I had an idea of what growth marketing was but never quite grasped how it was different from traditional agency or brand marketing. Having this defined as testing and experimenting really solidified it. It also resonated with my core values and how I believe businesses should focus on marketing.

  1. Making sure to test if an email campaign, push notification, etc., has any effect on conversion.
  2. Testing to see what is the exact/correct message. How can you make it better?
  3. Making sure to tailor the message to individual consumers. This is much more difficult to figure out, but getting this right is the holy grail of effective marketing.
  1. Teach yourself some of the necessary skills. To name a few, get some channel expertise, learn data analytics, and learn SQL through online courses on Udemy or YouTube.
  2. When going in for an interview, do your research on the company and come prepared with ideas & experiments you think you can run if you were to get that job.
  3. Be interested and willing to continue to learn. Be coachable. People who think they know it all tend to fail quicker than lifelong learners.
  4. Show tenacity and drive to get in the position.
  5. Get hands-on skills. This one’s a little tough, but as an example — if you have a small amount of capital you can launch a small eCommerce business or blog to experiment with driving traffic, increasing conversions, getting channel expertise, etc.

User-Centric Marketing

Paul Boag covered a lot for this section so I’ll try to condense it down to some key factor to keep it digestible. The focus of this course was understanding how digital marketing has changed the landscape for how businesses market in today’s world. There was a lot covered here from why we need user-centric marketing, top task analysis, customer journey mapping, and more. I’ll try to be brief and summarize what I thought were the most important topics.

Identifying and Amplifying Growth Channels

Sophia Eng led this portion of the course and spoke on a few things that I liked like what the major growth channels are, keyword research, and PPC to mention a few. Let’s dive into it briefly.


After this first week with CXL, I’m genuinely impressed with the quality of content in the mini-degree program. I’m going at a pretty steady pace of studying 1–2 hours per day and I’m getting a lot of quality information. So far, highly recommended for anyone interested in either transitioning to marketing (like me), or just learning more.



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